P.S. Clair

Shane, a native of Prince Edward Island, grew up in Toronto, attended Rochdale College, earning a B.A. in Gaming, 1974. Another B.A. (Anthropology), in 1984, University of Guelph. Shane has explored many roles which are reflected in his writing. Emotional, psychic and material experiences influence his work. "Worth It" is a romance. His first story, "Wyatt's Zoo" is about caring.

Shane has been a counselor and Cognitive Behaviorist. He is a member of the Hamilton Mountain Writers' Guild (https://hamiltonmountainwritersguild.com and WordSilly.com Writers' Group" in Hamilton Ontario where he loves living.

He's been on an extended writing adventure in Eastern Ontario, first enjoying Medici's monastic hospitality, now housed in a hamlet where the church is the largest building.

Big Bear and Poundmaker

Prisoners of Conscience

This is a photo that is part of a series exploiting the trial and incarceration of Indigenous leaders who supported Riel's call for a free state.

The media played this for decades. Newspapers, radio, television, magazines, the internet all rely on the fundamental lie or myth regarding 'Canada'. This is not an English/French place. People from other places come here and speak these transcontinental languages.

The original euro invaders were sailors looking for a score. Then came the military, religion, political swarms, all demanding the Euro way was best. If it was so good, why did the fuckers have to leave in the first place? Simple. White Males. Ignorant, bigoted, cruel, greedy, homicidal, disease spreaders, creators of waste and war.

I am an old white guy, but gee whiz, at some point someone has to step right back and ask " How do you know the white guy is lying? He's talking about justice for Indians while he steals the land, and finds new methods to perpetuate the genocide. I recommend "The Inconvenient Indian" by Tom King for a good read. Winner of the 2014 RBC Taylor Prize.

Seek out Kent Monkman exhibitions and on-line.

Kent Monkman should be required viewing for every 'Canadian'. His work is technically brilliant, the courage and love he paints with is incredible. His honesty and grim humour are like a renaissance of conscience. Art leads the way.

I have been listening to Walter isaacson's 'Leonardo Da Vinci". Is using our ears to read different from reading ourselves. In fact , most audio books are read by exceptional readers such as Alfred Molina reading this biography. Do I assign tones and pitches, octaves and volume to my silent reading voice? Listening to Neil Gaiman read and offer essay-like lectures is wonder fulfilling. Many series have same readers from book to book. In hearing, can I put facial expressions, body language, physical elements in or is it just the words? Do I do that when reading? Certainly anything I re-read, or listen to and read, or re-listen to, should evoke such detail to add to my enjoyment. James Burke writes pure prose full of detail, metaphor, insight and craft. Hearing his natural style read aloud is a rare pleasure. Fills the imagination with sounds, sights, smells, danger, love.

Most people enjoy being read to. It is reassuring. I used to fall asleep reading bedtime stories to my kids. They would wake me for a few more sentences. My wife used to read to me, and i to her. She was grand to listen to. We read the Potter series aloud as a family.

Audio story telling is the most ancient and foundational of all media. Television, radio and commercial films rely on storytelling. Social media not so much. People have marvel superheroes to weep over, why care about creativity when you just want the skinny on an item or service? Tap,tap ask google, ask safari, whatever? Yet storytellers, especially comic story tellers like Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan, continue to proliferate through media sites. A diverse number of gifted storytellers from all sorts of realms populate video content on Tedtalks, , Youtube, websites, facebook, Google, etc,; - all relying on storytelling. Unfortunately the stories on commercial platforms all use similar words, similar phrases, creating a fiction or an ideal reality that is impossible to achieve. All media are based on storytelling. Good storytelling requires imagination, details, inspiration, heroes. Which is why the story telling in most commercial productions is bad propaganda. Definitely supports Lustig's "The Hacking of the American Mind. The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains." Our imaginations fill in story details without us having to be cognitively aware of the completeness of our imagining. This fluidity of the mind is exploited by interests that compel consumerism to desolate the planet.

If you or someone you know finds reading challenging, find an audiobook by an author or a subject of interest. I like listening to motivational speakers at times. Right now I am going back to Alfred, Walter and Leonardo.